Surely many restaurant owners have ever asked themselves this question about a mobile app for their restaurant. While it is true, it is an investment, but like many of the well-made investments, it brings with it a series of improvements that result in an increase in quality of service, better brand positioning, and sales.

What are the benefits of having a mobile app for a restaurant?

Mobile restaurant apps generate a number of benefits that help the restaurant retain and improve communication with its customers. Knowing these benefits will help us make the decision to take the step to have an app :
  • Your customer will have a mobile app of your business when they access their menu of applications they will see your logo, which will remind your customers of your existence.
  • It facilitates reservations, without having to call the restaurant, in one click they will have the table reserved.
  • Direct communication with your client and your restaurant, in both directions. You will be able to send you news messages, promotions, informative messages, and they will be able to contact you to make suggestions or even receive constructive complaints that will help you improve the service
  • Publish the menu of food and wine, prices and specialties of the day Share recipes and content of interest to your customers.
  • You can create loyalty programs through points with a QR code system.
  • Plan events, such as wine tastings, concerts, dinners or special lunches, and many more.
  • 79% of customers agree that a restaurant’s mobile technology improves their user experience. 68% of customers agree that tablets available at the restaurant to order food and account improve the quality of service. In addition, 34% say mobile tools encourage them to dine out or order food more often.
  • If users can’t find you when they need it, they’ll end up looking for other options. Therefore, it is essential that you optimize your mobile website so that your potential customers can find you much faster. Thanks to mobile applications you will improve your positioning in Google search results, thus achieving greater customer traffic and an increase in revenue: 
  • 69% of users search for the commercial location and 51% of diners search for a phone number to be able to contact.
  • Studies reveal that over 80 percent of customers have searched for a restaurant on their smartphone. Creating a restaurant app maker is crucial given the possible base of new customers you can have. 
What is the goal of having a mobile app for your restaurant?

The main objective is to increase the frequency of customer visits to your restaurant, i.e. loyalty. It is necessary to be dynamic in the right measure as for your client to visit you regularly, the actions to be performed would be based on sending push notifications, promotions, publications of news in the letter, etc.
It’s also important to provide content of interest, so that your customers share it with their friends and family, in order to increase the reach of mobile app downloads. This way, you manage to attract potential customers who have not yet been to your restaurant.
We have seen in recent years how the use of smartphones has increased worldwide. It is a new era, “the mobile revolution”, That is why we must accompany evolution and take advantage of the opportunities of new trends and technologies so as not to be left behind.
  • And your restaurant, is it going to join the mobile revolution?

2. U3.NET Features for a Restaurant App

  • الحجز using this Feature Customers can book a table from the app you will receive an e-mail with their booking time and contact information, This will let your customers avoid queues and long waiting hours. It will also help in increasing efficiency and accuracy. It will allow you to reserve tables, assign seats, and remember customer preferences.
  • map Let your customer find their path from anywhere to the location of your restaurant. A feature that will guide them through the GPS of their phone. It geolocates and offers the appropriate path through Google Maps.
  • Set Meal (Menu) A nice and appealing way to display your menus. Create cards with photos, prices, and descriptions.
  • Commerce You customers order food from your restaurant and make payments in the app and choose the delivery method  (In-store, Carry Out, delivery ). 
  • Images Showcase Your Restaurant using Photo Gallery with Picasa, Flickr, etc.
  • دفع الإشعارات (Push Notifications)
  • Tips calculator

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