what is ASO

what is ASO

What is the ASO?

ASO is an acronym for App Store Optimization. 

ASO is the process of improving the visibility of mobile apps in stores 

like Google Play and App Store.

But what exactly is ASO, what are its benefits? and how can you help me achieve my visualization goals? Well, in the next article we will develop these doubts and provide some tips that could help people optimize their resources and gain space in the digital market.

Google Play currently has about 2,500,000 apps available

number of published app in google play store

Source: Statist

In this chart, we can see the history of applications available on Google Play from 2009 to 2016. As you can see, year by year the number of applications increases considerably.

achieving proper positioning is not an easy task. There are millions of mobile applications in the world, 

and that’s why it’s very important that today a company considers implementing an ASO Positioning strategy 

for their mobile apps to achieve greater visibility. 

Factors for ASO positioning    

To start implementing an ASO strategy, it is important that brands take into account the main factors that any application should include to achieve the proposed objectives:

1. Keywords

The first and most important aspect is deciding which keywords define your app best.

you need to know how your users are going to look for you. How can you describe your app in a few keywords? What words can your future users use to find you?

There are tools like AppAnnie that allow you to keep track of your keywords and the positions you occupy in searches.

AnnieApp screen

2. application Title:    

The title of the app, next to the icon, is the first thing your users will see. Deciding a name is not an easy task, you should not use very complicated names, It is recommended that the title of the application to be short in order to make it easy to remember.

The text you use for your app’s title can affect the positioning in searches. An interesting technique is to include some of the keywords next to the application name.

Including keywords in the title increases rankings by 10.3%

3. Description

The description is the place where you can explain in all kinds of detail what your application does. 

Here you will have to try to use the keywords you decided at the beginning

you should make it clear what your app is and what it’s for.    

The description limit is 4000 characters; However, the text has to be short to denote clarity and not clutter.

you have to try to make it clear in the first lines what your app is for. Think about the latest apps you’ve downloaded, how many app descriptions have you read? How much time have you spent looking at these descriptions?


The icon is definitely the first thing we look at when we see an app. A good, beautiful, and attractive icon can make the difference between the user still searching or installing your app.

The more attractive the icon to the user, the more download your app get.

Must be original and creative    

Avoid white backgrounds because you can get lost with other apps.

5. Screenshots

Screenshots should show attractive passages of the app. The reason is simple and is that thanks to screenshots it is more likely your app can more attract users.

A picture is worth a thousand words. When it comes to describing the features of our app, there is no better way than through screenshots. In a simple and fast way.


Choose the most suitable one for the application. Users also search by category. 


The ASO is a relatively simple and economical marketing technique for what it can bring us. By spending a little time thinking about a good listing for our app, we can get our app more visible and therefore get more downloads.

Keywords * Graphics Optimization = Downloads

In short, we could say that this is the ASO formula.

what is ASO

The title and description of the application are focused on the first part of the formula, the keywords, that is, that they find us. On the other hand, the icon, screenshots, and video are the things that will most influence the user to decide whether to finally install it.

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